Conference Venue:
Palace Hotel
Via Lombardi 13, Bari - Italy

II Facoltà di Economia
Università degli Studi di Bari, Italy
Tel. +39 080 5049084
Fax +39 080 5049019

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Friday 24th from 15.00 on there will be a guided tour to Castel del Monte and Torre Vento winery. These places are about 50 km away from Bari and will be reached by bus.
A light dinner with typical Apulian food will be served together with a seletion of Torre Vento wines.

Castel Del Monte

1_cent.jpg/image“Unesco world Heritage site” since 1996, the castle was built in the XIII century as part of Emperor Frederick II's extensive building development plan, yet with one-of-a-kind architecture. Its spectacular position on top of one of the highest hills of the Western Murgia mirrors the grandeur of the Emperor who commissioned it, considered as the /stupor mundi/of his times. The castle has an octagonal floor plan with a tower at each corner. Inside there are sixteen halls decorated with elements in classical, gothic and Arab styles, witnessing the emperor's international culture. Stunning mosaic decorations are still visible on some of the floors. This is one of the most visited monuments in the Apulian region for its characteristic architectural features, decorative elements and breathtaking position.

The Torrevento Winery

fotoTorreVento.jpg/imageFounded in 1989, the Torrevento Winery is located in that strip of territory of Corato (BA) where Frederick II's castle, known as Castel del Monte, magically dominates the hills of the Alta Murgia highlands. The winery stands on the sunny and wild frame of the north western Murgia. It embraces an antique monastery, a wonderful rock made construction, built in the 17th century in the neighborhood of a locality called "Torrevento". After many handovers, the monastery and the surrounding territories were purchased in 1948 by the brothers Francesco and Domenico Liantonio. They started a wine making activity which was later transformed in the Torrevento Winery company . Massive renovation works made in the last years, enabling the company to use more and more sophisticated wine making practices (like controlled temperature fermentation), an accurate selection of grape varieties, last but not least passion and a lot of professionalism: thanks to those factors, The Torrevento Winery, started as a rural wine cellar, became in the 90ies one of the most important companies in the wine producing sector, giving the Torrevento brand name the chance to obtain numerous acknowledgments.